One Out of Ten

There is an account found in Luke 17:11-21 about ten lepers who ask Jesus to have mercy on them. Jesus, acting with compassion, heals all ten lepers of their infirmity. As they depart, only one of them pauses to say “thank you” to Jesus. Just one out of ten!

When I first read this passage of scripture many, many years ago, one of my first thoughts was to focus on the lack of gratitude of the nine lepers who went their merry way without thanking Jesus for His marvelous gift to them – a gift of healing and cleansing. They were no longer infected by this dreaded disease. 

I also thought, “Man, it would serve them right if Jesus took away the gift from them”.

Today, when I read this account, I tend to think of myself as being one of the nine. I am not always grateful for the things God has done for me. I often sink into the pothole of taking things for granted. When was the last time I said thank you to Jesus for the countless things He has done for me? 

I want to be like the one out of ten and not the other nine. I desire to be a thankful person since there is no scarcity of God’s goodness in my life. 

I am thankful to God for my family. He has blessed me with ten beautiful grandchildren over whom I can dote. Thank you, Jesus.

I am thankful for our church family who celebrated thirty-five years of ministry with me. Thank you, Jesus. 

I am thankful for my health. Through all my minor aches and pains, I am alive and well. I am fit enough to preach and serve. I can play, pick up my grandkids and take them to Disneyland. Thank you, Jesus.

I have many great friends who care about me and love me. They pray for me and my family. Thank you, Jesus.

I am thankful for the ability to read the Word of God. I have a Bible. I have eyes with which to read and God has given me a heart to want to learn. Thank you, Jesus.

Now that I have begun, it is endless. 

You know, it brings joy to give God thanks.

For what should you be giving thanks to God? You may want to sit down and reflect upon it. Take a few moments and give thanks to our living God. Be like the one out of ten.

Something to think about…