Christmas: A Love Story

Love makes the world go ‘round… often misunderstood... sometimes misappropriated… usually mystifying… but when it comes from God, love is always profoundly elegant and extravagant.

The Bible declares that “God is love”.  He is the source of love…  He is the example of love… He gives us the power to love.  The Bible declares, “We love, because He first loved us.”

Christmas is a love story.  It’s a story of God’s amazing ardor for a world grown cold.  It’s a story of astonishing affection for His creation.  It’s a story of profound passion for sinners. 

Every love story has a beginning.  Often times, love is defined and developed by its genesis.  How a love story begins can inform us of the nature and character of the love being given and the love being received. 

Where does this love story begin?  It begins and ends with God...  the Alpha and Omega of love. 

The Bible tells us that God so loved the world that He made a way for us to experience His love.  He made a way by sending His Son into this world to display His magnificent and magnanimous love for us.

He made a way in a manger.  He sent His Son to be born in the humblest of beginnings so that He could make His way to the cross.  He wasn’t born in a hospital.  He wasn’t born in a palace.  He wasn’t born in a house.  He was born in a barn with a feeding trough as a bed.

God’s love passed that test of humility.  God’s love emptied itself of power and riches so that His love could dwell among us. 

There is a song says: “He made a way in a manger… a way to the cross.  Messiah the promised… before time had begun.  For God so loved this world, though he knew what love would cost.

He made a way in a manger… to make a way to the cross”. 

What a beginning!  What a love story!

As Christmas approaches, it’s something to think about…