Newborns and God’s Love

What is God’s love like? What does it resemble if anything? How does it feel?

All parents have had a glimpse of God’s love from the moment of their child’s birth. If you are not a parent, just ask one, or two, or three. 

The moment the baby passes through the birth canal (or by Cesarean section) and you get to hold him or her in your arms, there is an overwhelming sense of love and a wholehearted commitment to do whatever it takes to care for that precious little package.

Take a moment and think about it. 

You have never met this little person before who lived a semi-parasitic life in the womb. This little person cannot communicate at all, except to cry when in need. He or she will be totally dependent on you and is incapable of doing anything productive for you. Without your presence, this little person would die. The slightest variation in the environment could cause this little being agitation and distress to the point of distraction. This little creature will cause you to lose countless hours of sleep at night.

Yet, you tolerate all the flaws and inconveniences caused by infancy. You change dirty diapers. You will rock them to sleep or stay up all night with them if they are sick. You will bathe them and dress them. You will strap them into the safest car seat on the planet. You will do anything and everything for them

Why? Because you love them even though they are incapable of doing anything for you while imposing their heavy demands upon you. They are so perfectly imperfect (or is it imperfectly perfect).

Have you ever felt or feel this way about your infant? If so, you have had a glimpse of God’s love for us. 

Something to think about…