The Most Dangerous Place in America

“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward.”  Psalm 127:3

Do you know where the most dangerous place to be in America is?  No, it’s not Costco with a credit card.  We’ll get to this later.

I just saw the movie, October Baby.  I didn’t quite know what to expect.  Was it going to be a first rate message with second rate acting and cinematography?  Was it going to be cheesy and melodramatic?  Was it going to be over-acted like a Japanese soap opera?  I had no idea. 

I went because I wanted to know what to say to those who asked questions about it. 

My wife and I got in for free with a certificate, got my popcorn for $2 and my drink for free.  I was ready to sit and endure.

The message was clear.  The acting surprisingly good.  It looked like a real film made in the surreal town known as Hollywood.

Within the first ten minutes, John Schneider was no longer Bo Dukes of Dukes of Hazzard or Jonathan Kent of Smallville, but Jacob, the father of the one who survived an abortion attempt.

It took about thirty minutes, but I was drawn into the movie.

Now remember (for those of you who don’t know), I am the guy whose favorite film is “The Kid”, which displaced “The Princess Bride” as number one.

I was moved to tears, especially during the father/daughter scenes near the end of the movie.  There always seems to be a father issue.  Why?  Maybe it’s because almost everyone has a father loss, yearning or wound and filmmakers know that father themes move people.

I wholly recommend this movie.  If you decide to see it, make sure you stick around for the credits.  Another story unfolds as the credits roll

I wasn’t disappointed, I was blessed.

After seeing the film, I read what the critics had to say.  Most of them slammed the movie.  Too Christian… too contrived… too corny… too cliché-ish…, even though it was loosely based on the life of an abortion survivor, Gianna Jessen.

I wondered if they saw the same movie that I saw.  But then, the obvious became apparent.

Today, 3D is fashionable.  Old movies become new when they become a 3D movie.  When you go to see a 3D movie, you have to put on certain lenses to see it correctly.  Who wants to see a blurry DiCaprio sinking into the ocean?  Without the special lenses everything is blurry.  

Thing is… we all have on lenses whenever we look at anything.  Everything gets filtered.  I was wearing the lenses of a Bible believing Christ-follower so I saw the movie a certain way.  The critics were wearing a different set of lenses.

In light of what the critics and world is saying about October Baby, let’s get back to the opening question… where is the most dangerous place in America?  The answer: the most dangerous place to be in America is in a mother’s womb.  This movie helps address this issue by giving a different perspective to problem that is raging in America.

Personally, upon leaving the theater, I didn’t have the sense that this was a pro-life or anti-abortion movie, but a movie that communicated the deep love God has for us and everything He created or creates.  It reminded me to love the things that God loves, that He meets us wherever we are and loves us in the midst of it and that He has a positive plan for our lives.