A Man Possessed

Chuck Colson (October 16, 1931 – April 21, 2012) was a man possessed.

He was possessed by his desire to serve his country; first as U.S. Marine and then in the political arena as an Administration Assistant to Senator Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts in 1956.

In 1969 Colson was appointed to the White House staff as Counsel to President Richard Nixon. He became a man possessed with the purpose of seeing Richard M. Nixon re-elected to the presidency.  He joined a team fittingly, known as CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President). 

He was a man so possessed by his purpose that he agreed to break-ins, burglaries and illegal wiretaps.  If one is not careful, being possessed by a purpose can lead to all sorts of disreputable behavior.

Eventually, Colson was caught and pleaded guilty to the Watergate charges and obstruction of justice in another case.  He was given a one-to-three year sentence of which he served seven months at Alabama's Maxwell Prison.

It was during this time that a man possessed by a purpose became a man possessed by a person.

He committed his life to Jesus Christ and began Prison Ministries, which became another purpose or cause in his life.

So what’s the difference?

Michael Gerson of The Washington Post wrote, “And although Colson was utterly consumed by his calling to serve prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families…Chuck was possessed, not by some cause, but by someone."

Being possessed by Jesus leads to all sorts of reputable behavior 

Gerson concluded by writing, "Many wondered at Chuck's sudden conversion to Christianity. He seemed to wonder at it himself. He spent each day that followed [his conversion], for nearly 40 years, dazzled by his own implausible redemption."

Not a bad way to spend the rest of your life.  

Something to think about…