The Priority of Priorities

How do we avoid the tyranny of the urgent?

One thing we can do is make sure that we live according to the priorities of our lives.  It’s all about keeping the main thing… the main thing.

In Mark 1:37-38, Jesus’ disciple came up to Him and said, “Everyone is looking for You”. Jesus replied, “Let us go somewhere else to the towns nearby, so that I may preach there also; for that is what I came for”.

This is an example where Jesus kept His priorities in order. The tyranny of the urgent, people clamoring for Him, did not keep Him from doing what was important, that for which He came. Jesus always kept the main thing, the main thing.

This was very evident in John 11 when He received the urgent news that His good friend, Lazarus was sick.  Instead of running off to see Lazarus, Jesus stayed true to what was important… the raising of Lazarus four days later.

These decisions are with us every day of our lives. Tending to the seemingly urgent or staying focused on what is important.

Let me give you a Parable on Priorities.

I am in a third world, cash and carry, country. A child is ill and in need of a prescription at the local apothecary. I go to the pharmacy with $10 in hand. 

As I walk toward the prescription counter, I realize that I am thirsty and don’t want to risk dehydration, so I buy a bottle of water to drink. I notice at the counter a local artifact that I have been looking for my entire stay is on sale at the counter. It is the last one, so I purchase it since I wasn’t sure I would even see it again.

I also see at the counter, a bottle of Imodium. I just used the last two pills the previous day after another round of diarrhea and need to replenish my supply just in case. I pay for everything and go to the prescription counter for the meds.

The pharmacist tells me that it will be $5 for the prescription. To my horror, I only have $3 remaining from the original $10. I lament, “If I only had two more dollars!” I just don’t have enough money.

I will let you figure out this Parable on Priorities.

It will give you something to think about…