Fancy Footwork

The other day, I got a pedicure. I get one every so often. For those of you worried about me losing my “man card”, it was revoked the day I cried watching Little House on the Prairie. Allow me to quickly add that I did not allow them to polish my toenails, leaving a portion of my male dignity intact.

As a person gets older, it becomes much more difficult to take care of one’s toenails. For you who are younger, I will leave the reasons why this is so to future revelation. 

I must admit, it does look and feel better.  One might say that my feet look beautiful.

Throughout history, there have been those who have had beautiful feet. 

Tradition tells us that an Athenian man named Pheidippides ran 150 miles over two days to Sparta requesting assistance when the Persian army landed in Marathon, Greece. After victory in the Battle of Marathon, he then ran 25 miles from Marathon to Athens with the news of the triumph. 

Pheidippides had beautiful feet. 

Paul wrote in Romans 10:15b, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!” Those who carry the good news of Jesus Christ to others have feet that are beautiful. 

As I sat in the pedicurist’s chair with my feet soaking in soapy, warm water, I actually thought of these words of Paul and asked myself the question, “Do I really have beautiful feet?” 

If I do, it would have nothing to do with the pedicure. It would have everything to do with my faithfulness in sharing Jesus with others.

Soon, Garrett Inouye will be following Ian Nagata to Japan to share about the Lord. Garrett is a surfer. Surfers are not known to have beautiful feet. But the moment he sets foot on the soils of Japan and starts sharing about Jesus, his feet will be beautiful.

Every time a person shares about Jesus or from His Word, his or her feet get a spiritual pedicure. They become lovely to the Lord.

May your feet always be beautiful. 

Something to think about… 

One final tangential note:

Speaking of beautiful feet… I have a proposition for all you USC Trojan fans. If USC beats UCLA in football this year by more than two touchdowns, I will get a pedicure and my toenails painted cardinal and gold for the following Sunday and wear sandals with bare feet between services. In order for this to happen, three hundred USC fans (three for each toenail) must post “Fight On!” on our Evergreen SGV Facebook page by September 12, the day of Ian’s departure to Japan.