How to Discipline Your Children – Part Two

Here are some guidelines that will help you discipline your children.

Children need discipline that is age appropriate. Note that the ages listed are approximations and can vary from child to child. 

Birth to seven months:

No direct discipline is necessary. Infants cannot comprehend an offense and cannot associate the resulting consequence.

The important things from birth to seven months are being held, being loved, hearing a soothing human voice, being fed when hungry and being kept clean and healthy. 

The important things for an infant are characterized by security, affection and warmth.

Eight to sixteen months:

Try to distract your children rather than discipline them. For example, if they fuss during a diaper change, give them something with which to play rather than getting upset with them. 

When a confrontation occurs, be persistent with your children. Remember this…you are smarter and stronger than your child.

Sixteen to twenty-four months:

I have heard different thoughts about this. I agree with James Dobson that parents can begin employing the rod of discipline from about the sixteenth month.

More about the rod of discipline will be shared in a future blog. 

Regardless of the precise moment discipline begins, the fact is it needs to happen. Hebrews 12:6a says, “For whom the Lord loves He disciplines…”  Like God the Father, earthly parents need to discipline their children because they love them.  

Something to think about…