Once upon a time, if you ran a race in a track event and you jumped the gun, you received a second chance before disqualification. Today, one false start and you are disqualified. Disqualification meant you couldn’t participate in the race.

Back in the day of Jesus, Jewish boys were asked to quote the Torah if they had aspirations of becoming a rabbi or teacher of the Law. If they missed one word, they were disqualified from following and becoming a rabbinic teacher. Instead, they became fishermen or tax collectors.

One day, Jesus arrived on the scene. He said to Peter and his brother, Andrew, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew 4:19) Whether Peter and Andrew ever had the opportunity to recite the Torah or not, at that very moment, Jesus ‘re-qualified’ them . They became disciples and teachers of men. 

There may be moments in our lives when we feel disqualified or unqualified to serve the Lord. If so, know this. When Jesus calls us out of darkness and into the light, we become qualified to serve Him whenever, wherever and however He desires according to His Word.

Feel disqualified from the race of life. Seek the Lord and His calling and then get back into the starting blocks. 

Something to think about…