How to Discipline Your Children – Part Eight

Use appropriate means of discipline

Here are some general guidelines.

1. Birth to seven months

No direct discipline is necessary. Infants cannot comprehend an offense and cannot associate the resulting punishment or consequence.

This season of a child’s life the important things are that:

  • They are held.
  • They are loved.
  • They hear a soothing human voice.
  • They are fed when hungry.
  • They are kept clean and healthy. 

The important things for an infant are characterized by security, affection and warmth.

2. Eight to sixteen months

Distract your children rather than discipline them. When a confrontation occurs, be persistent and firm with your children. Remember, you are stronger and smarter than they are.

3. Sixteen to twenty-four months

You may need to begin employing the rod of discipline. Be sure that dad is involved whenever possible. It is the season to begin to use the rod of discipline if necessary.

The rod of discipline is a controversial tool of discipline. I believe that it is a biblical means of discipline and when exercised properly has very limited use.

In today’s society, experts frown on this form of discipline. We live in a sinful society where some parents physically abuse their children. As a result, even a biblical form of discipline, when used appropriately is frowned upon by experts in the field of raising children.

I shared earlier that there are four ways of raising kids. You can rear them “by chance”, “according to how you were raised”, “according to worldly standards” or “according to biblical instruction”.

The Scriptures teach us to use the rod of discipline in an appropriate manner. The choice is ours as parents.

Something to think about and more to come…