Christmas Hope in the Midst of Christmas Hassles

For some, Christmas is a season full of minor and major hassles. From Christmas shopping to wrapping presents, things get us busy and busy gets us hassled.

It was no different leading up to the very first Christmas. The life of Joseph and Mary was filled with hassles.

They received an edict from Caesar Augustus requiring them to participate in a census. They had to travel from Galilee to Bethlehem in order to register for the census. They could not find a room in the city. They had to deliver their baby in a stable. They had to use a feeding trough as a cradle.

The events leading up to the very first Christmas was filled with hassles for a young couple expecting their first born child.

But how did it all turn out?

There was the birth of the Son of God. There was the visitation of the shepherds. There was a heavenly chorus. There was salvation for all who would eventually believe.

That’s the message of Christmas: There is hope for the hopeless. There is a future for the forlorn. There is healing for the hurting. There is deliverance for the depressed. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

In the first light of Christmas, there was a dawning of a new beginning found in Christ the Lord.

For Christians, Christmas should be different. No amount of Christmas hassles should dampen our enthusiasm for the season because the hassles of the very first Christmas led to the hope of Christmas. And the hope of Christmas gives meaning to all the hassles of Christmas.

Something to think about…