How to Discipline Your Children – Part Seven

Develop different forms of discipline.

1. The rod of discipline.

The rod of discipline is a primary form of chastisement in the early years. More on this type of discipline will be shared later.

2. Verbal chastisement.

Using one’s voice to point out acts of disobedience can be effective. Parents should save their voice for when it is needed. Children tend not to respond to parents who yell all the time. Verbal correction tends to diminish in effectiveness when parent yell all of the time or are always super critical.

Save your voice for when it is needed. Limit the times you raise your voice. Again, save it for when it is needed. 

Be sure to verbally chastise acts of disobedience and never attack your children’s character.

3. Time outs.

Parents can use a time out or cooling off period to help correct their children. Often times, it also helps parents reduce chastisement based on anger. 

Make sure the period of time for time outs is reasonable.

4. Consequences.

As children get older, develop consequences for disobedience and rebelliousness. Be sure to explain the consequences to your children beforehand.

I once took one of my grandchildren to Disneyland. Before we entered the Magic Kingdom, I explained to her that if she didn’t obey me we would have to leave Disneyland. When we first arrived, we went to take pictures for her annual pass. I waited in line with my mom and my sister brought my grandchild to me when we got to the front of the line (which took an hour).

She would not pose for the picture. She cried and screamed. We took the picture anyway because I didn’t want her to get her way. Then, I told her we had to go home because she didn’t obey me. On the way out, she wanted some popcorn. I told her that the popcorn was part of Disneyland and she no longer could enjoy the things of Disneyland because she did not obey me. She has obeyed me ever since.

The development of different forms of discipline can help lead your children to healthy independence.

Something to think about…