Ingredient #1 of a Sound Marriage

Ingredient #1 – Communication

Proverbs 13:17 (Living Bible) says “Reliable communication permits progress”.

It is estimated that the average couple talks alone with each other four minutes per day or twenty-eight minutes a week. On the other hand, the average couple spends about six and half hours per day or forty-six hours per week watching television.

If the above is true, then we have a lot of room for improvement.

One of the challenges confronting a husband and wife is the fact that men and women often times communicate differently.

A woman went to a judge and told him, “I want to divorce my husband.” The judge said, “Do you have any grounds?” She said, “No, but we do own a half acre in Big Bear.” The judge said, “I mean, do you have a grudge?” She said, “No, we park the car in front of the house.” The judge said, “Does your husband beat you up?” She said, “No, I always get up before he does.” Frustrated, the judge said, “Why do you want a divorce?” She said, “We just aren’t able to communicate.”

In order for marriage to remain healthy, there must be good communication. 

Here are some helpful hints. 

  • Evaluate your communication. How are you doing now? Is it something that you need to work on as a couple?
  • Commit to scheduling time to talk with one another. Spend time alone in order to share with one another.
  • Always try to listen before you speak. God has given us two ears and one mouth. Perhaps we are to listen two times more than we speak.
  • Don’t get angry if he or she doesn’t understand. Remember; seek first to understand before being understood. 

Communication is indeed a vital key to a healthy marriage.

How’s your communication?

Something to think about…