Three Reasons for Caring for Aging Parents

One of the things confronting a number of members in our church family, and society in general, is the care of aging parents. I have received multiple calls in the past several weeks concerning real life situations over the care of aging parents. 

It has been a blessing to discover children want to do the loving and Christ-centered thing when it comes to caring for their parents. A ministry has just begun in our church family called Tender Loving Caregivers or TLC directed toward those caring for aging parents.

There are at least three reasons for caring for aging parents.

First, it is a Mandate of the Bible. In 1Timothy 5:8 and 1Timothy 5:4, Paul exhorts Timothy to counsel his church to practice piety by taking care of their own household, especially widows. In Mark 7:9-13, Jesus chastised those who withheld helping their parents for the sake of a tradition of setting apart funds for spiritual use, saying that they are invalidating the Word of God instructing them to honor their parents. 

Secondly, it is a Means of Honoring Parents. In Exodus 20:12, God commands us to honor our father and mother. In Matthew 15:4-6, Jesus reprimands religious leaders for not honoring their father and mother by not taking care of them. Caring for them as they grow old is a way of displaying honor. 

Thirdly, it is the Model of Jesus. In John 19:27, Jesus makes sure His mother is taken care of even as He is being crucified for our sins. As a disciple or follower of Christ, we should desire to be like Jesus in every area where His life intersects our life. He took care of His earthly parent and so should we. 

As your parents grow older, are you committed to helping them? 

Something to think about… 

Upcoming Next Monday: Three reasons for taking care of relational issues with parents.