Ingredient #2 of a Sound Marriage

Ingredient #2 – Consideration

Many couples have I Corinthians 13 read at their wedding ceremony.  The love chapter of the Bible describes the qualities of love.  Within the description, it says that “love is kind”.

Love is kind.  

The Greek term for kindness, chrestotes, appears ten times in the New Testament. As with the Biblical word of love, agape, the word, kindness, is closed related to the Old Testament word, hesed, which means God’s covenant love.  The word is sometimes translated ‘lovingkindness’ or acts of kindness based on a loving relationship.

Marriage is a covenant relationship so God’s covenant love and kindness should be present in all its fulness between a husband and a wife. 

The challenge of marriage stems from familiarity.  The longer we are married the less considerate we tend to become.

Two young lovers walked down the street.  She tripped and he worried, "Be careful, sweetheart” and he offered her his arm.  Now, married for years, they walk down the exact same street, but when she trips, he says, "Pick up your feet!" and keeps on walking.

Sound familiar?  Hope not. 

Remember how it used to be in the early stages of your love relationship. 

Renew acts of kindness toward one another. 

Restore your commitment to do your best for the one with whom God has called you to spend the rest of your life.

Something to think about…