Natto Good – Reprise

ron cory and natto.JPG

While watching Pastor Ron enjoy his natto, I had a thought.  When someone is eating natto, it looks like they just consumed a spider (with its spider silk still hanging from their lips).  Just a thought…

During a team dinner one evening at a Japanese eatery, one of my loving teammates ordered a small bowl of natto for me.  I wanted to be sure to exercise one of the values of being a good team member so I took a bite of the natto alongside the Natto King, himself, Pastor Ron.  I then tried to figure out which team value I was fulfilling and couldn’t think of one that would require such a sacrifice.

I would, however, like to report that it was a moment of epiphany (a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something).  I suddenly perceived the essential nature and meaning of natto: it is a foul smelling, rotten flavored, slimy textured soybean byproduct.

It’s sort of like sin.  No matter how you package sin, it is still foul, rotten and slimy without the health benefits.

May you live a long, prosperous life free from the influence of natto (sic)… sin.

Something to think about…

Missions Comment: One of the most important aspects of doing missionary work as a team is making sure that the team loves, supports and tries to understand one another.  Our team had a tremendous experience of mutual cooperation and love during our time together.  Serving hours together beforehand in the general and prayer ministries of our church helped immensely.  We had learned to serve together before we left for Japan so our ministry in Japan was an extension of what we do at home.  It is always a wonderful thing when people who already know how to love each other and serve together go out together as a missionary team.