Sanctity of Life

Forty years ago, on January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down two rulings that have changed American history forever. The Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton decisions legalized abortions in America.

For those of you who are much younger than me, while growing up, I never thought I would ever see the day that abortions would be legalized or homosexuality would be acknowledged as acceptable behavior. Yet, in my thirty-sixth year of life, babies were having their lives legally terminated in the womb.

In the past, I have shared about abortion from a biblical perspective and that life begins at conception. I also have shared on numerous occasions that I don’t believe that one should base their conclusions on such matters from scientific “evidence”. We should always begin with the Word of God and then judge science according to the Word. 

It is interesting to note what James Dobson wrote in one of his newsletters. 

“Couching the abortion debate as merely a ‘women's issue’ also ignores the personhood of preborn children. Science has now given us decisive evidence that points to the worth and humanity of babies in the womb. An unborn child is genetically unique at fertilization; its heart begins to beat at 18 to 21 days after fertilization; by the sixth week the adrenal gland and thyroid are functioning; eight weeks after conception all body systems are present; and the baby's fingerprints are beginning to form by the twelfth week. Medical advances in the past 30 years have given doctors the ability to observe the development of a baby from its earliest stages. Anyone who has seen photos of an embryonic child will testify to the emotional impact of such images.”

Again, one should not draw a pro-life conclusion solely from scientific evidence any more that you should validate abortion from scientific findings. Draw from the Word of God.

I personally believe that the abortion issue is no longer a moral issue for many of those who support the killing of babies. It has, for one, become a tremendous financial issue.

I was a pharmaceutical sales representative from 1972 to 1977. I remember calling on one tiny hospital that was run down and about to go out of business in 1972. I didn’t visit the hospital again for years.

One day, I was driving by the hospital and noticed that it had received an entire facelift. It looked like it had become a very profitable enterprise. Out of curiosity, I stopped and inquired what transpired. The answer was chilling. They began to do abortions. They told me how profitable abortions were. It saddened my heart because, in America, if something is profitable, morality usually goes out the window.

What to do? Pray. Pray that the tide will turn against the killing of children. Write to your elected representatives about legislative bills regarding abortion and by discovering the position of candidates on this issue and voting accordingly.

Who knows, legalized abortions may cease in my lifetime. I doubt it, but then again, I never thought they would become legal in my lifetime.

Something to think about…