How to Discipline Your Children – Part Ten

Using the rod of discipline (Cont’d)

Here are some general guidelines when applying the rod of discipline.  At the outset, let me emphasize that if applied appropriately, parents will seldom have to use this form of discipline.  With our children, I only had to spank them a few times.  The Lord did the rest in their little hearts and minds.

Never directly use your hand

Your hand is for caressing and care, not for chastisement.  When your child sees your hands, they should think of a significant touch and loving tender care.  One of the best uses of your hand is to touch your children on their heads to bless them.

Use an inanimate, neutral object. 

I once witnessed a father and son in a non-disciplinary circumstance.  The father innocently raised his hand and the son flinched.  This told me that the father probably used his hand to discipline his son.  It wasn’t a pleasant sight.

Make sure the rod will not cause damage

We purchased a “paddle” at a Christian Bookstore.  The paddle had a scripture verse on it. 

We also used a flat wooden spoon from the kitchen that was designated as the paddle.  I personally would never use a belt because it is more difficult to control the force of a belt. 

A flat, thin wooden paddle allows for the dispersal of the energy to be spread over the entire surface area of the paddle.

I believe that the paddle should sting and make a lot of noise.

Remember, the purpose of the rod of discipline is not to bring pain, but to bring about an attitude of repentance.

So use it wisely and calmly.

Something to think about and more to come…