Avoiding Bedtime Bedlam – Part Two

We’re dealing with one of the flashpoints in daily living with children: bedtime bedlam. Here are some more helpful guidelines.

Keep it early

Children need their sleep.  A restful night will help them to have a good day.

Here are three facts about sleep for children. Studies show that children who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to struggle in school than their wide-awake peers and are more injury-prone.

  1. Staying up too late can have negative effects on children’s appetite, mood and health.
  2. Early elementary school kids need about ten hours of sleep. 
  3. It is extremely helpful to start the bedtime process early.  If they need to be asleep by 7:30 PM, don’t start putting them down at 7:25 PM. 

I have known of families that allow their elementary school age children to stay up on a school night until 11:00 PM on a regular basis, which is probably not a great idea.  Often times, it is because it is so hard to get the children to go to bed.

When it’s time to go sleep, don’t hesitate in starting the process of getting them into bed.  Bedtime should be non-negotiable. 

Note that bedtime will change as your children grow older due to things like homework and extra-curricular activities. Until then, keep it early.

Something to think and pray about…