Avoiding Bedtime Bedlam

One of the flashpoints in daily living with children could be bedtime.  How many times do kids ask for a drink of water so they can delay slumber time?  Sometimes, bedtime turns into bedlam time.

Here are some thoughts about bedtime adapted from Focus on the Family.

Keep it the same

It is very helpful to children if they have a bedtime routine.  It helps prepare them for bedtime.  Rather than just plunking them into bed, help them process their way to bedtime.

Help them develop their routine.  Before too long, they know that brushing their teeth at night is a precursor to slumber time.

Developing a routine will help your children develop healthy patterns in life.

Keep it quiet

It stands to reason that loud noise and hard play before bedtime will make it hard for the kids to settle down.  In other words, no pillow fights just before going to bed.  An adrenaline rush is counter-productive to sleep time.

It may be wise to limit television and video games before bedtime.  Perhaps the best thing to do is reading your children stories from Bible Story Books.  It will calm them down and train them up at the same time.

I remember reading the account of the people of Israel in the wilderness receiving manna from heaven to my oldest grandchild.  There was a picture of manna on the page.  She loved to pretend taking the manna off the page and feeding it to me.  It became her favorite story.

Bedtime is also a great time to have your children learn to pray for others before they go to sleep.  I have observed some of my grandchildren going through their prayer list after I have blessed them. This came about because a small light was still on and I went into the room to have them turn off the light and discovered that they were going over their prayer list, which brought incredible joy to my heart.

So, do your best to “keep it the same” and “keep it quiet”.  There will be more to come next week.  

Until then, it’s something to think about…