Honoring the Invisible Woman

Now being invisible is considered a super power. The Invisible Woman super hero first appeared in the 1940’s.

Invisible Woman, also known as the Invisible Girl, whose alter-ego was named Susan "Sue" Storm Richards was the first female superhero created by Marvel in the Silver Age of Comics. She obtained her powers after being exposed to a cosmic storm.

The Invisible Woman became a part of Marvel’s Fantastic Four in 1961. Isn’t it interesting that she becomes a super hero by being invisible? Invisibility for Sue Richards is the quality that makes her a super hero.

Most of us have known an invisible woman of super hero proportions in our life time. Our invisible woman’s alter-ego is known as mom. 

Mothers often go through life being invisible… always there but not always seen. At big family gatherings, my mom was invisible at the table because she was in the kitchen preparing the next dish. Whenever I wore a dress shirt, it always looked great because my invisible mom spent hours washing clothes, hanging them by hand to dry and ironing them so they would be wrinkle-free when no one was home or around to help. We had delicious cookies every Christmas because my invisible mom baked late into the night while the rest of us slumbered. 

Moms are too often invisible to the naked eye. 

Nicole Johnson who is a Christian writer speaks about the great cathedrals of the world when referring to the invisible woman known as mom.

She noted that in a book she was given about the great cathedrals of the world, no one knew the builders of the great cathedrals. It was also noted that the great cathedrals of the world took over a hundred years to build, which means that the craftsmen who worked on them, did so knowing that they would never see the finished product.

Yet, they faithfully worked on them without recognition or acknowledgement for a future they would never see. They were and are invisible, but their power is seen in the beauty of the great cathedrals.

Neil Postman wrote something to the effect that, “Children are living messages we send into a world we will never see.”

That’s our moms. Sending children into a world they will never see… once again, invisible to the naked eye, but ever present in the lives of their children.

I rejoice in the fact that we can recognize and celebrate Mother’s Day with our very own super hero… the Invisible Woman: Mom.

Something to think about…