Pillars of Evergreen SGV – Part 4

This is a continuation of the ten scriptural pillars upon which the ministry of Evergreen was originally built.

The first seven are (1) The preeminence of Christ, (2) The prominence of faith, (3) The precedence of the Word, (4) The power of prayer, (5) The priority of family, (6) The practice of generosity and (7) The principle of every believer a minister.

The next pillar is…

The Place of Fellowship

We are a people in fellowship.

One of the early marks of the church was their commitment to fellowship.  Acts 2:42 describes one of the traits of the early church as follows, “And they were continually devoting themselves to the apostle’s teaching and to fellowship…”

According to Merriam-Webster, the word fellowship means “a friendly relationship among people; the relationship of people who share interests or feelings; a group of people who have similar interests. 

The Greek term for fellowship is koinonia, which can also be translated as communion. It fundamentally means to share something in common.  Christian fellowship, therefore, begins with something every Christian shares in common… a relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus.  It is a gathering of people with Christ at their very center.

And so, as a people in fellowship, we gather in Christ.  We gather to study the Bible. We gather to pray.  We gather to serve one another.  We gather to serve our community.  We gather to serve the world.  We gather to eat together.  We gather to worship together.  We gather to play together. We gather to fellowship.  Without a gathering, there can be no fellowship.

In the midst of gathering together, we try to practice the motto…”Seek first to understand before being understood” (a relational topic onto itself).

For the church to be the church, it must be in fellowship.  Ask yourself this question.  “Am I in fellowship with my fellow believers?”  If not, why not? 

Something to think about…