Family Chapel — Final Lesson from the Super Bowl

There were many wonderful and memorable experiences from Super Bowl weekend. The Lord blessed everything we did. My wife and I were able to spend time with dear friends and their family. I got to play golf at a course designed for retirees (translation: short course) and I got to putt for a fair share of birdies and pars and didn’t three-putt once.

In retrospect, one of the best experiences happened at the team hotel the morning of the big game. We had the distinct privilege of worshipping with the families of the Seahawks players.

We gathered in a large meeting room at 11:30 AM to worship the Lord. There were about 100 players, family members and friends present.

The message was delivered by Russell Wilson and Russell Okung’s pastor, Judah Smith of City Church in Kirkland, Washington (along with several other campuses). Before the service began, I tried to identify who was Judah Smith. I thought the middle aged man wearing a coat and tie and sitting next to Russell Wilson was his pastor.


As I was thinking this, a young man got up in front to move a chair. He was wearing a bright green Seahawks jacket, pants with holes in it and a black beanie cap. I figured he was a team manager helping with the worship service.

Russell Wilson got up to introduce his pastor and, lo and behold, the team manager got up. First lesson is that we should never judge by appearance.

Judah then proceeded to share from his life and the Word of God for almost forty-five minutes. It was inspiring. He gave a message on what it meant to be really dead to sin and alive in Christ out of Ephesians. It was absolutely inspiring. For us preachers, it would be very challenging speaking at a chapel service to players just before the biggest game of the year. Judah, inspired by the Holy Spirit, knocked it out of the park (wrong sport’s metaphor).

I was blessed by hearing a young, hip pastor teaching from the Bible about sin and salvation. He didn’t mince words. He preached it. It gave me hope for the future of the church when I am long gone.

Finally, it blessed me that players, such as Russell Wilson, would be so committed to Jesus that he would miss the first bus to the stadium to stay at the hotel and worship his Lord. Russell and some of his teammates have their priorities straight.

No matter what is going on in our lives, we need to keep our priorities straight. There is nothing so important that we should miss worshipping our Lord and Savior. There are members of the Seahawks that have set us a great example.

Super Bowl Sunday, I went to see a football game and got blessed by more than a football game.

Something to think about…