The Weekend that Changed the World

Sometimes, a little boy or little girl has a dream that when they grow up they are going to change the world. Often times, it’s as a brave superhero or brilliant scientist. Although it very seldom happens, it’s a great little dream in the minds and hearts of great little dreamers.

The Christian Science Monitor once reported that there were over one hundred books in print whose title includes the phrase "…That Changed the World." An example cited was "Gunpowder: The History of the Explosive That Changed the World."

Whereas gunpowder did influence world events, balance of power and how we kill one another. It’s lasting impact and depth of influence probably doesn’t deserve the title “…That Changed the World”.

Some of the other titles that used the catch phrase are:

Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World
El Nino: The Weather Phenomenon That Changed the World
Model T Ford: The Car That Changed the World
The Pill: A Biography of the Drug That Changed the World
The Twist: The Story of the Song and Dance That Changed the World
Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World

Although I fully understand what they are trying to say in a hyperbolic way, fish, weather phenomena, cars, contraceptives, dance moves and colors probably do not justly deserve the description “…That Changed the Word”.

There was one book on the list that did deserve the catch phrase – “The Weekend That Changed the World: The Mystery of Jerusalem's Empty Tomb”. The book describes one of the two greatest events in the history of humanity… the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead (the other is the birth of Jesus).

We, as Christians, have the privilege of celebrating the event “That Changed the World” as part of our faith. In fact, the focal point of our hope and faith hinges on the validity of Easter. Paul wrote: “…and if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain, your faith also is vain.” 1Corinthians 15:14

I believe that because of the importance of the Resurrection, the Lord has made enough evidence available to reach a logical verdict for the reality of the Resurrection.

Lee Strobel was formerly a legal editor for the Chicago Tribune. After extensive investigation of the resurrection of Jesus, Strobel wrote the following on November 8, 1981:

“I’ll admit it: I was ambushed by the amount and quality of the evidence that Jesus is the unique Son of God. As I sat at my desk that Sunday afternoon, I shook my head in amazement. I had seen defendants carted off to the death chamber on much less convincing proof! The cumulative facts and data pointed unmistakably toward a conclusion that I wasn’t entirely comfortable in reaching.”

On that Sunday afternoon, Lee Strobel moved from atheism to a follower of Christ.

Here are three books you may want to read on the subject: A Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell and Who Moved the Stone? by Frank Morison.

Has the Resurrection of Jesus changed your world?

Something to think about…