Mission Possible: God’s Plan for Missions – Steps One and Two

Step One: God will provide a person

As I read the Word of God, I have come to understand that whenever God wants to accomplish something, He normally uses a person (or a group of people). In order for this to happen, He calls the person to Himself in order to get His will accomplished.

In the case of Moses, God used a burning bush to attract Moses’ holy curiosity and then spoke to him, giving him the call (Read Exodus 3). It is interesting to note that the call of God on Moses’ life came while Moses was minding his own business, doing what he normally did. Often this is the case, that God’s call comes to us while we are living our normal, everyday lives.

It then became incumbent upon Moses to respond to God’s call upon his life. One would think that hearing God’s voice through a burning bush that is never consumed would be pretty compelling, but it is always challenging to respond to God’s call to full-time work. Moses questioned God several times, beginning with Exodus 3:11, about God’s wisdom in calling him.

Nevertheless, God called the person of Moses to accomplish what God wanted done in the Land of Egypt and beyond. He still calls a person to do His mission here on earth.

Step Two: God will provide a place

The next thing God eventually does is provide a place to send the one He calls. This may take time, but it will normally happen. It may be a series of places over a lifetime, but almost all ministry assignments from the Lord sends the one called to a place.

God sent Moses to Egypt. He was very clear in His assignment to Moses relative to the place to which he was called. God said, “I have surely seen the affliction of My people who are in Egypt… Therefore, come now, and I will send you to Pharaoh.” Exodus 3:7a, 10a

The Lord was very specific with Moses. The place of his mission was Egypt. He was to go to the Land of Pharaoh. So Moses had to leave the land of Midian and travel a great distance to get to where God wanted him to be… the place of his calling.

Eventually, Moses’ ministry assignment changes and he travels from Egypt into the wilderness for the bulk of his mission. He is called upon by God to wander the wilderness for forty years. In either case, God called Moses to a place.

When God calls a person today, He normally sends them to a place to do the work of ministry or missions. Discovering the place is vital to the success of the endeavor to which God has called that person.

Here’s an interesting note. Moses was eighty years old when he received God’s call and responded to it. It’s never too late and you are never too old.

Something to think about…