The Challenge of Christian Ethics

One of the most difficult challenges in today’s society revolves around Christian Ethics.

Wikipedia defines Christian ethics as a branch of Christian theology that defines concepts of right (virtuous) and wrong (sinful) behavior from a Christian perspective.

Russell Moore, who a professor of Christian Theology and Ethics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, says the following about Christian Ethics:

"In scripture the way that you see an ethical vision of reality, it's first and foremost to do with when Jesus told us to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness… Well, that's ethics… What are you doing when you're seeking the Kingdom of God… so what does that look like, what pleases God… when we see God in Christ respond to the cries of the fatherless or the widow or the oppressed? That informs the way we ought to live, how we imitate Christ, how we live the life of Christ out… I think ethics is just a subset of wisdom."

Holman Bible Dictionary says that Christian ethics is – the study of good behavior, motivation, and attitude in light of Jesus Christ and biblical revelation. The discipline of ethics deals with such questions as: “What ought I do?” “How should I act so as to do what is good and right?” “What is meant by good?” “Who is the good person?”

In light of the SCOTUS Decision on gay marriage, a whole new set of questions have arisen in the area of Christian ethics. “What do I do?”

If I get asked to attend a gay wedding, what do I do? If my son or daughter tells me that they have a same-sex attraction, what do I do? If my child decides to live a gay lifestyle, what do I do?

None of the above scenarios has a simple, clear-cut answer. Not all answers will be the same, because circumstances may be so different.

However, there some guidelines we can definitely follow.

Rather than write a blog about them, I will be sharing a Family Time Message this Sunday about it.

Between now and then, in the scenarios that have been shared, what would you do and why?

Something to think about…