The 605 and the 60

In 1997, Evergreen Baptist Church went from one hiving church to two thriving churches. As a result, Evergreen SGV was born and I was chosen by the Lord to be the senior pastor of this brand new church family.

We began with about 350 faithful followers of Jesus, looking for a home. We spent the first year studying the wilderness period of the Hebrews from the Book of Exodus. It was in the wilderness that God turned a people group into the beginnings of a nation. As a people, they wandered for forty years in the wilderness before God led them to the land they would call home… a land that was chosen by God for them.

Fortunately, we did not have to wait forty years to possess the land that God intended for us. It only took a decade. Ten years of setting up at Rio Hondo Community College. Ten years of waiting, worshipping and working for the Lord.

At the very outset, the Lord knew where He wanted us. He made it clear to us that we were to look for land near the junction of the 605 Freeway and the 60 Freeway. It felt like we looked at every parcel of land with a two mile radius of that junction to no avail.

Were we wrong? Did we hear the Lord incorrectly? Or, were we destined to be without a permanent home for forty years when I turned to the ripe old age of 90 (Abraham and Sarah didn’t do too badly in their 90’s).

Perhaps, one of the most difficult things for us as Christians to do is to wait patiently on the Lord. The Psalmist wrote, “Wait for the LORD and keep His way, and He will exalt you to inherit the land...” Psalm 37:34a. Easier said than done.

Then after ten years of searching and waiting, God miraculously led us to the land we now call home… near the junction of the 650 and the 60. As one of our members put it, “it was there all along”.

God is faithful. God is good. It is so worth waiting on Him for everything.

Something to think about…