Where Are You Christmas? – Part Two

Reflection Continued:

The world is changing, it’s rearranging… does that mean Christmas changes too?

The world is slowly choosing to ignore Christmas. Instead of “Merry Christmas”, it’s “Happy Holidays”. Instead of Christmas vacation, it’s Winter Break. Instead of “O Holy Night”, it’s “Jingle Bells”. Instead of the Christ Child, it’s Ole Saint Nick.

Where are you Christmas?

The world may try to take Christmas out of December, but they will never be able to take Christ out of Christmas. 

You see, Christmas is all about family because it is all about THE family… the Holy Family – Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

Christmas is all about giving because it is all about THE gift… Baby Jesus born in a manger on Christmas morn. 

Christmas is all about joy because it is all about THE joy of the coming of the Savior of the World as expressed by the Heavenly Hosts on the very first Christmas.

Christmas is all about love because it is all about THE love of God coming down at Christmas to dwell among us.

Where are you Christmas?

You are where you have always been. You are found in a manger in a little town called Bethlehem. You are found in a stable with loving parents and excited shepherds. You are found in a house visited by the Magi. You are found on a cross, dying for our sins. You are found in a resurrected body, giving us hope. You are found at the right hand of God, serving as our advocate.

Where are you Christmas?

You are right here in every heart that has confessed the name of Jesus.

            I feel you Christmas
            I know I’ve found you
            You never fade away
            The CHRIST of Christmas
            Stays here inside us

            Fills each and every heart with love

            Where are you Christmas?

            Fill your heart with love… the love that can only be found in the Christ
            Child of Christmas. 

May each of you have the answer to the question, "Where are you Christmas?" May you have the love of Jesus in your heart... may you confess His Holy Name... may you be forgiven of your sin... may you experience the everlasting joy of Christmas.

Thank you Christmas… for you are where you need to be. Not in a store during a shopping spree, not in the presents wrapped neatly under a tree… not in a kitchen oven aromatically baking Christmas delights… not in the Words, “Merry Christmas”, not even in a wonderful house of worship, but here… in our hearts… thanks to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior born on Christmas morn.  

Something to think about…