Where Are You Christmas? – Part One

Several years ago, I wrote a Christmas reflection entitled, “Where Are You Christmas?” inspired by the song of the same name. I then shared it in a blog three years ago. I would like to share it once again as my thoughts have turned to this Christmas Season.

I will share the first half of the reflection this Wednesday and the remainder next Wednesday.


Where are you Christmas? Why can’t I find you? Why have you gone away?

As a child growing up, Christmas past was a wonderful time. It was a time of unparalleled joy and eager expectations. It was a time of feeling good about everything and everyone. It was a time of giving in order to see delight flourish and thanksgiving abound. It was a time of riding a shiny new bicycle in the driveway with daddy holding on to the seat, of donning a brand new set of skates and trying desperately to stop, of ruining a perfectly good toy by taking it apart to see how it works.

Christmas past was a time of family and familiarity. It was about eating turkey, drinking eggnog and having a warm slice of mom’s Yuletide pie. It was about big sister shaking the presents under the tree and little brother getting a peak by tearing open the corner of all his presents.

For me, Christmas was all about anticipation. What should I buy? What am I going to get? What surprises will the brightly wrapped presents neatly placed around the Christmas tree hold for me and my family? Will the night before Christmas ever end so that Christmas morning can make its grand and glorious appearance? 

Where are you Christmas?  

Where are you, mom? Where are you, dad? Where are you, grandma and grandpa? Where are you, big sister? Where is the hustle and bustle in our family kitchen? Where is the excitement of hearing dad putting together a toy? Where is the aroma of cookies baking in the oven? 

Where are you Christmas?

As a parent, Christmas brought a whole new set of wonderment and joy. It became a time of lighting Advent Candles and singing Christmas Carols… a time of holding the seat of a shiny new bicycle, of catching a child trying to stop on a brand new set of skates and of putting back together a toy taken apart by the inquisitive mind of a child. 

Christmas became a time of opening the windows of an Advent Calendar… of reading the second chapter of Luke… of sharing the amazing account of the birth of our Savior, Christ Jesus… of giving thanks for everyone who showed us love by giving us a present. 

Christmas was a time of being grateful for the Christ of Christmas being in the lives of our children… a time of being thankful that they knew the reason for the season, the credentials of the Christ Child and the joy of Jesus.

Where are you Christmas?  

Something to think about…