Steph Curry and Nothing But Nets

Ever since I was a kid a basket that goes through the hoop without touching the net was called either a “swish” or “nothing but net”. Of course, I have been known to shoot a basketball and get “nothing but net” without scoring any points (the ball would fall short of the basket, but clip the net underneath the rim).

Steph Curry is an amazing shooter. I think he’s the best shooter these eyes (with corrected vision for myopia) have seen since Jerry West. Most of the time, when Curry shoots the basketball, it’s “nothing but net” as well as three points instead of two.

Interestingly enough, Steph Curry’s best association with “nothing but net” is only tangentially related to scoring baskets. He has saved his best “Nothing But Nets” for the court of human life rather than the hardwood of the NBA.

Steph Curry has been a supporter of “Nothing But Nets”, which is a foundation, began by sportswriter Rick Reilly ten years ago when he wrote a column asking his readers to donate money to fight malaria. Malaria is one of the leading causes of children’s death in Africa.

Let me quote Reilly from a recent article he wrote about Curry.

“In 2013, Curry gave up a week of his off-season – including his anniversary – to come to a refugee camp in Tanzania to hang 37,000 anti-malaria bed nets with us for Nothing But Nets, a charity I cofounded in these pages 10 years ago with the United Nations Foundation. What’s funny is that he paid for a lot of those nets. He donates three nets for every three-pointer he makes, which is like having your 14-year-old daughter donate three every time she checks her phone. Do you realize the NBA-record 288 threes he has made this season – the last his 32-foot show-stopper – could cover half the beds in Togo?

On that trip, I came to know a humble superstar who has as much time for a malaria-riddled mother as he does for the President; a patient soul who tries to smile while a peasant slaughters a goat in his honor; a mannered man who doesn’t say a peep about having to ride gutted roads in tiny Toyotas as soldiers hold machine guns on either side of him.

This is about a guy who, at the end of all of that says, ‘When are we coming back?’ “

It’s great to see a basketball superstar, whom the kids in our church love, do acts of kindness and love Jesus with all his heart.

It’s also a blessing to know that some of the kids in our church took it upon themselves to raise money to send mosquito nets to our partner ministry, Bright Vision, in Malawi, Africa. They may not be able to shoot a basketball quite like Steph Curry, but they can love God, love others and make a difference in this world, just like Steph.

I believe that Rick Reilly helped start the foundation because he has a heart of compassion. I believe that Steph Curry does acts of kindness because he has the heart of Christ.

So kudos to Rick Reilly and Steph Curry for making a difference and may the Lord bless them both. And may we also make a difference somewhere in this world for Christ.

Something to think about…