This I Believe – Epilogue

This is going to be an ultra-short blog because I would like you to spend some time listening to a song.

Over the past several Thursdays, I have shared seven core tenets of the Christian faith. They are as follows:

1.    The Authority of God’s Word

2.    One Creator God

3.    Jesus is the Son of God

4.    The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus

5.    Everyone Is a Sinner

6.    Salvation through Faith in Christ Alone

7.    The Second Coming of Christ

There are other things about our faith that are extremely important to embrace, but these are the core tenets.

Hillsong Worship has written a song entitled, “This I Believe” or “The Creed” that puts our core tenets to music. We are indebted to Hillsong.

Give it a listen. It is something to think and be inspired about…