Options for Life

Our church has been blessed to have so many resources made available to us by the Lord. We have always had a strong desire to help save the life of an unborn child whose mother feels that she has no options other than abortion. We feel for the mother… we grieve for the unborn child.

Picketing abortion clinics seem counter-productive although I respect the commitment of those who do. At least they are doing something to stem the tide of abortions in this country.

Somehow, picketing didn’t seem to take into consideration those women who were agonizing over a decision for which they felt they had no options. I suppose some women take abortion lightly, but there are many who do not.

Recently, our church has developed a relationship with Options: A Women’s Care Center located in La Puente. Here’s what they say about themselves.

“At Options, your health and well-being are our first priority. We specialize in providing services to women faced with an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion. We are here to provide you with pregnancy options by sharing truth with compassion and empathy so you can make a decision with confidence. Options is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.”

I believe that the best way of dealing with the challenge of abortion is by loving those women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, sharing with them some options for life and walking with them as they courageously make a choice for life.

Here’s a story about one mom who visited Options: A Women’s Care Center and made a choice for life. It takes about seven minutes to view this video. It’s worth every minute.

Something to think about…