Contra Mundum Pro Mundo

This morning, I was reviewing my Evergreen House of Prayer (EHOP) journal entry for October 26, 2015 and I came across the phrase, “Contra Mundum Pro Mundo”, which means “Against The World For The World”. I continued to write, “We oppose evil, not to defeat the opponents, but to usher them to Jesus.”

The source of the quote was William Wilberforce who was an English Evangelical Christian and politician who was a leader of the movement to eradicate the slave trade. He knew evil when he saw it. Wilberforce was “against the world for the world”. 

Wilberforce was greatly influenced by a man who knew the slave trade all too well. His name was John Newton, who wrote the hymn “Amazing Grace”. 

After I wrote in my journal about these things at EHOP on October 26, 2015, a Breakpoint article appeared on October 30, 2015 by Gina Dalfonzo. She quoted Owen Strachan of Christianity Today focusing on Chuck Colson’s view of how Christians should be active in the world, and what attitude should be the basis for all our work. As Strachan put it:

"Initially, Colson considered himself contra mundum, 'against the world,' as a believer. He wished to stand against evil. He never lost this vital perspective, but his friend, First Things editor Richard John Neuhaus, suggested Colson tweak the self-descriptor. The Christian, he said, is contra mundum pro mundo, 'against the world for the world,' an elegant and accurate summation of evangelical engagement with a fallen order. The believer, and particularly the public-square witness, opposes evil, but does so not to defeat opponents or gobble up cultural territory. We are against the world out of love, seeking always to win lost friends to Christ and usher them into flourishing."

Nothing happens by coincidence. The Lord was speaking to me. In today’s world it is sometimes difficult to oppose the things that are sinful in the sight of God according to His Word. But, oppose we must. It is the Christ-like thing to do. 

Jesus was “Contra Mundum Pro Mundo”. His sacrifice on a cross demonstrated it clearly. He even prayed for His disciples saying, “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” John 17:16

It is my hope that our church will always be “Contra Mundum Pro Mundo”… “Against The World For The World”.

Something to think about…