AB 2943 Unlawful Business Practices: Sexual Orientation Change Efforts


On Thursday, April 19, 2018, the California Assembly voted to pass AB 2943 by a wide margin of 50-18.  What is AB 2943 and how does it affect us?  I am going to freely quote large portions of a blog post written by a friend, Andy Comiskey, who is the founder of Desert Streams / Living Waters, ministries that we have resourced frequently to help those who are seeking to resolve their gender issues.

“AB 2943 prohibits all conferences, teachings, or publications (where money is exchanged for the resource) aimed at helping people to overcome same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria. This impacts every pastor, counselor, friend, or family member in California.

Most chillingly, it slams the door on citizens whose conscience guides them to make peace with their bodies as designed by God. The California legislature wants to deny them that choice.”

Thursday the Assembly decided that “the state has the right to insist that the only option for Californians with gender identity problems is to transition into the ‘gay’ or ‘trans’ self. Though these are standard values in much of the clinical community, California is seeking to make them the only values. This is an affront to moral liberty.”

“It sounds preposterous, I know. When I first heard of this bill, I assumed it implausible, dead on arrival. Instead, AB 2943 raced through the first two committees in spite of valiant testimonies by friends Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr., Anne Paulk of Restored Hope Network, and Bethel Redding’s Elizabeth Woning and Ken Williams. These last three witnessed persuasively to the power of Jesus and His community to restore true identity but were stonewalled by representatives who only asked sympathetic questions of those claiming abuse at the hands of bad helpers, valid issues for clinical ethics but irrelevant to the rights of persons to choose the kind of help(s) he desires!”

“According to Ken Williams, ‘the freight train is here, barring persons from the right to help and to heal gender identity problems. This is the first day I have felt discriminated against, robbed of my freedom to hold to my convictions. The government is now seeking to mandate what I do with my sexuality.’”

“Every person deserves the freedom to exercise moral authority over his or her body and desires. I may boldly disagree with Ellen DeGeneres’ and Rupaul’s identity choices (just as they do mine!) but I grant them freedom to make them. We as Americans share constitutional freedoms of worship and speech. According to the Supreme Court, ‘the proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express the thought we hate.’”

The fact that AB 2943 passed the State Assembly so readily is cause for pause.  The bill is now with the California Senate. 

On Sunday, I asked the church family to make an appeal to their State Senator, encouraging them (in a loving way) to vote against AB 2943.  I believe this is the time to unite as fellow believers in Jesus and make our voices heard.  We live in a great country where we have the right and responsibility to exercise the freedoms that God has given to us.

I am including information on how to contact your California Congressman or Congresswoman as an encouragement to do something about this.

Something to think about it…

May the Lord use us as His instruments for peace and justice.

Additional Information:

To read Assembly Bill No. 2943, use this LINK then go to: Quick Bill Search and enter Bill Number 2943.

To find your State Senator go to this LINK.

To find your State Senator’s contact info go to this LINK.