Streams of Living Water - part 2


In my last post I wrote, “When we read His Word, study it, memorize it, meditate on it and ultimately believe and obey it, He abides in us and speaks His truth to us.  His presence and message are like streams of living water that nurture our dying souls with life and truth.  As a result, His presence and truth cause holy love, pure desires and true thoughts to prosper in our hearts and we grow like a tree feed by streams of water that yields its fruit in season and its leaf does not wither.”

In today’s post, I will share an everyday example of how the above principle recently worked itself out in my life.  I share this so that you will see how God ministers through the simplicity of Bible memory.

I was sitting at the dining room table after dinner thinking about (Okay, I was fretting about it) an interpersonal situation that I knew I needed to address but didn’t know how to go about addressing it.  I’m sure most of you can relate to that type of anxiety.  It’s the kind of anxiety that comes upon you when you need to talk to your spouse about a sensitive reoccurring issue or confront a co-worker’s poor work ethic at an annual review.  It’s the distress you carry when you know it’s time to face the senility of your aging parents or confess a shameful, out of control habit to your significant other.  Anyway, that’s the type of restlessness I was feeling that evening at my dining room table.

In the midst of my semi-frenetic thoughts, an old Bible passage that I had memorized came to mind.  It was Philippians 4:6-7.  I repeated it to myself and the phrase “in everything” stood out to me.  I thought, “Lord, do you want me to talk to you about EVERYTHING?  Even this situation?”  Well, it does say “in everything” and so it must mean everything, right?  So, I did what His Word told me to do.  I took the energy I was using to worry and I turned it towards Him and telling Him about this situation.

As I talked with Him, I did not gain any new insights nor did I receive a way to approach my situation.  I simply shared with Him my concerns and then went about my business for the rest of that evening.  I didn’t realize it until later but He did bring me peace.  Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that He just drew near to me.  Or, maybe He’s always near to me and His Words just gave a voice to His Spirit in me.  Whatever it may be, I sensed in my soul that He was with me and would let me know what to do.  Essentially, I sensed He would be watching over me.

Less than a week later, God created an opportunity for me to naturally address the exact situation I was fretting about in a way that was not awkward or abnormal.  I was amazed at His kindness for me and gratefully praised Him because He is definitely watching over me IN EVERYTHING!  Experiencing His personal care brought about a peace in my soul that went beyond all human comprehension.  I recited Philippians 4:6-7 again and this time understood it more deeply.

As we continue our journey to memorize nine different bible passages this year, I pray that you will endure in this discipline and in the long run begin to reap its benefits.  My prayer is that the end result would not only be more verses memorized, but ultimately more life lived with Him.