Prayer Ministries


Growing in Intimacy with God, Obedience to His Word, and in Compassion for people.


To equip, educate, and encourage the people of Evergreen SGV to know God more intimately, to be obedient to the commands in His Word, and to demonstrate God’s love and compassion for people through the ministry of prayer.


To be followers of Jesus Christ who are intentional about knowing Jesus, and becoming more like Him in our character, values, actions, and lifestyle. 

To be a people who…

Have prayer as a moment by moment lifestyle (praying without ceasing)

See prayer, speaking and listening to God, as a way of growing in our relationship with the Lord

Are being continually filled, empowered, and led by the Holy Spirit

See praying (intercessory prayer, laying on of hands / healing prayer, listening prayer, prayer walking, Releasing Prayer Ministry, …) for people as a normal, natural part of the Christian life

Are expectant of the Lord answering our prayers

See people being loved, touched, and healed by the Lord through the ministry of prayer

Are able to receive prayer from others as a way for the Lord to touch us and heal us in our areas of hurts, wounds, and needs.

Not only spend time speaking to the Lord, but also spend time listening to Him. 

Are continually growing in our awareness of the spiritual realm. 

Take what we learn and put it into practice. 

Train and equip others with what the Lord has taught us. 

Just like Jesus demonstrated, do what we see the Father doing.    

Receiving Prayer from the Prayer Ministry Team

Prayer Ministry is available during both 8:00 and 11:00 worship services.

If you would like to receive prayer at other times or for more information about Prayer Ministries, please contact Pastor Ron Miyake at (626)363-0300 (x204).