Small Group Ministries

God created us for community—
He fashioned us for relationships.

We were not made to live life alone! From the moment of our birth till the day we die, we live our life together with parents, siblings, friends, teachers, roommates, co-workers, neighbors and many others. Living life in relationship with others is the way He designed it!  And He not only designed our life to be lived together, but He also gave us instructions for how that life in community can best be lived.

Believe it or not, God's intent is not merely to make us happy and ensure that we all get along with each other; rather, He desires to do a work of transformation in our hearts to change us into the very image of His beloved Son, Jesus.

This work of transformation takes place as we honestly relate with one another in love.

Community, then, is not only a place to hang out and have fun, but it is God’s intentional vehicle for transforming our lives into greater Christ-likeness, and community is His gift of grace allowing us to experience the “abundant life” which He has designed us for.

Toward that end, Evergreen SGV offers the following opportunities to engage in life together in a small group community.


Branches are our primary area Bible study groups which focus on a common Bible study and meet in homes around the San Gabriel Valley (though a few groups meet at church). Check out the locations and days/times of the Branches, descriptions of individual branches, and contact information.

Fellowship Groups

In addition to the Branches, we have Fellowship Groups, larger “life-stage” gatherings which meet on the church campus during the week. Fellowship Groups have different emphases (based on the needs or desires of the group) and are a great entry place for those interested in getting involved at Evergreen SGV. Our current Fellowship Groups include the Jr. High (Surge) and Sr. High (The Bridge) Youth Groups, Soli Deo Gloria (College), City on a Hill (Young Adults), Married Couples Fellowship (MC2), and a retirees Senior Fellowship (Harvesters).

Men in the Bible (MIB)

Men in the Bible (MIB) is a men’s Bible study group that meets on Tuesday nights at 7:30 in E4. Contact Dave Casebeer for more information.

The WELL Discipleship

The WELL Discipleships are small covenant groups for women which are only available every other year. Contact Diane Hara for more information.