Cory Ishida, Senior Pastor: emailbio

Senior Associate Pastoral Staff

Rocky Seto, Associate Senior Pastor: email, bio
Victor Chen, Senior Associate Pastor of Outreach Ministries: emailbio
Kevin Cho, Senior Associate Pastor of Administration: email, bio
Terry Gee, Senior Associate Pastor of Worship Ministries: email, bio
Ron Miyake, Senior Associate Pastor of Prayer Ministries: emailbio
Kenny Wada, Senior Associate Pastor of Congregational Life Ministries: emailbio

Associate Pastoral Staff

Dan Christian, Associate Pastor of Congregational Life Ministries: emailbio
George Egami, Associate Pastor of Senior Ministries: emailbio
Paul Moy, Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries: emailbio
David Kim, Assistant Pastor of Singles Ministry: email, bio

Ministry Associates

Sunday Asaoka, Ministry Associate of Children's Ministries: email
Kay Carey, Ministry Associate of Congregational Life: email
Brian Cheah, Intern, email
Tommy Machida, Intern, email
Daniel Saechang, Intern, email
Kenton Tse, Intern, email

Administrative Staff

Virginia Cho, Administrative Assistant: email
Helen Der, Part-time Administrative Assistant: email
Garrett Inouye, Media Director: email
Rich Lieu, Audio-Visual Ministry Director: email
Irene Mar, Communications Director: email
Joyce Salgado, Administrative Assistant: email
Carey Yung, Facility Maintenance Engineer: email