Theme: "Trust, Delight, Commit, and Be Still"

Theme Verse: Psalms 37:3-7a

STEMS exists to nourish all the needs of mothers by providing support, encouragement, small group discussions, teaching, and creative activities concurrently with our "Buds" children's ministry (see below for more information).

The mission for STEMS is to serve, train, and equip mothers to realize her potential as the backbone for her family in the name of Jesus Christ.

As stems function as the critical backbone to plants, mothers function as the backbone of families and households. Mothers endlessly provide nourishment and support for little budding children, and establish the strength and structure in households to withstand any stormy element of life that may come!  Therefore, as "stems" for our children and families, we need to be strongly rooted in God's Word with our faith to stand tall and firm.

TEACHING: Speakers, forums, and/or panels provide instruction and guidance based on biblical values. Topics are sure to education and inspire you as they relate to every season of life such as womanhood, marriage, parenting, and family.

DISCUSSIONS: Discussion times offer opportunities to develop new friendships and to be supported as a woman, wife, and mother. It is a safe and accepting place where moms can share their success, failures, and strategies.

CREATIVE ACTIVITIES: Through occasional creative activities, moms are encouraged to get their creative juices flowing and experience the sense of accomplishment that comes with trying and finishing new things.

BUDS CHILDREN'S PROGRAM: Our little ones are nurtured in age-appropriate classrooms with loving, competent caregivers who provide quality care and teaching while the mothers enjoy a morning together. The children learn activities and curriculum to promote their social, emotional, physical, and spiritual development.

STEMS is open to all mothers who are pregnant or with children age infancy through kindergarten. Mothers meet every Friday from 9:00am until 12pm for 15 weeks in the Spring.