The WELL Discipleship is a covenanted group for women who desire to walk closer with the Lord, that meets weekly for about 20 weeks. The WELL is an acronym that defines its focus, which is:
   W    alking with each other with commitment
    E    quipping by the Holy Spirit
    L    earning together in community
    L    iving accountable to what God reveals

This ministry was birthed from John 4:4-42. In these verses a Samaritan woman, through one conversation with Jesus at the WELL was completely transformed. The core of the WELL ministry is giving women with a "heart" to walk with other women, the opportunity to learn, study, be confidentially supported, and grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ, and their identity in Him. It is a discipleship where women are invited to become intimate in their relationship with Him and be filled with the Holy Spirit to pour out to others.

If further questions arise, please contact Diane Hara at (562) 322-3968 or email here.


The WELL Discipleship is a covenanted women’s small group that meets weekly for about 5 months starting January – May 2019. Once registration period closes, the groups are formed and meet in a closed group setting for about 20 weeks.

  • Are the WELL Discipleships open for 'seekers?'
    Because we are a Discipleship, our ministry is for believers who desire to grow deeper and mature in their relationship with Christ versus learning who He is.

  • How many women are in a WELL Discipleship?
    The WELL Discipleships usually have 2 facilitators with a maximum of 6 women, and those with 1 facilitator, a max of 4 women.

  • What does the WELL Discipleship study and learn?
    The emphasis of the discipleship is to cultivate your relationship with Christ via solitude, worship, prayer, book study and other spiritual disciplines.

  • What is the homework like? How many hours will it be per week?
    The homework usually consists of gaining insights into the book readings, prayer over each other’s requests, and the practice of solitude. In the past, WELL Discipleship participants have spent about two hours a week on the book readings, homework, and solitude times.

  • What happens when the WELL Discipleship is over
    We do encourage that all women be in some type of small group fellowship where they can continue to grow in their faith and share what God has revealed via their WELL experience.

  • Where will the WELL Discipleships meet?
    Most Discipleships meet at the church. There have been groups in the past that have met in homes. See the application for specific locations.

  • As a participant what do I need to bring to the WELL Discipleship?
    Come with a committed heart to seek the Lord as well as lovingly support other women. We hold to the covenants of confidentiality, transparency, sensitivity to others, and unconditional love and support.