Learn About Wells Around the World

Why Water?

Access to clean water is a global crisis. Diseases from contaminated water and lack of basic infrastructure kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Nearly 1 billion people in the developing world do not have access to potable water. Some even travel for hours, only to attain polluted water. Fresh drinkable water is a desperately needed resource in many countries. According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, regions with the lowest coverage of "improved" sanitation in 2006 were sub-Saharan Africa (31%), Southern Asia (33%) and Eastern Asia (65%).

Our Mission

The Wells Around the World Ministry seeks to alleviate a small part of this physical water crisis while also sharing the living water. Jesus performed his first miracle using water; our hope is to also use water to share the living gospel. By partnering with existing churches in developing nations, we seek to empower communities with not only clean water, but most importantly, with the living gospel.

Our Second Project

The next water project that is being planned will take place in Thailand. As a result of our vision and short term mission’s trips to Thailand, we have been developing relationships with Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP) and ZOE International.

ITDP has done many water and infrastructure projects in remote villages near the Chiang Mai area of northern Thailand. The water filtration system that ITDP constructs is for an entire village rather than the single family units that were delivered in the Philippines. Since the tank is so large, it must be constructed, on-site, at the village. Water is brought into the village via piping that is sourced at a higher elevation off of a river or stream.

Unlike the BSF Philippine’s bio-sand filters that were delivered on our 1st project, the ITDP filter is comprised of sand and charcoal. A large concrete tank filters unclean water through sand and charcoal – the results is clean and potable water for the entire village.

ZOE’s expertise is in the area of human trafficking rescue and prevention. Initially, we participated in a short term mission’s trip that was hosted by ZOE. A few years later, we returned to ZOE to help out with their Kid’s camp program. Currently, members from ZOE and ITDP are searching together for a suitable candidate village for our project. Ideally, the water project will be used as an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the prevention of human trafficking in the village. ZOE will also be sending several of their ministry school students and staff to assist in our project.

We are really excited about this project as it brings together 3 different ministries for 1 common purpose for the Lord. The water project is slated for mid April to mid May of 2015. 


You may have noticed that there’s a Well just outside of the sanctuary entrance. “Loose Change for Life Change” was our slogan for gathering up our spare change to fund water projects throughout the world. Launched in the middle of 2013, the Evergreen family has generously contributed to this. Also, donations in memory of Jefferson Der were added which resulted in more than enough funds to complete our first project in the Philippines! Praise the Lord! With continuing contributions, the hope is to carry out many more projects in the future.

We all know that clean water is necessary to sustain life. However, there’s an even greater need that all humans have. It’s the spiritual need for our Lord Jesus Christ. The Wells Ministry wants to meet the immediate need of clean water, while introducing the good news of spiritual salvation through a relationship with Jesus.

“With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” – Isaiah 12:3