Connection Story # 1

Randy and his wife, Gloria

Randy and his wife, Gloria

This is Randy Fukuda's connection story of how he got connected in Evergreen SGV, not just showing up on Sunday mornings but feeling truly "enfolded" into the community and ministries of our church family. He serves in the Welcome Center and helps others connect as well.

                                      Pastor Dan Christian

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Hi, my name is Randy Fukuda and I’ve been coming to Evergreen for nearly 24 years. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and attended a Godly church in LA for most of my young adult life. I ventured out in 1989 and landed at GAP on Friday nights. GAP was the career fellowship group at Evergreen Baptist Church and was very popular with young career attendees, mostly mid-twenties and younger. The worship time, teaching and fellowship groups were very enfolding. I really felt God’s spirit permeate many areas of my life. I met my wife Gloria at GAP.  We transitioned to Interface Fellowship, which was the career group comprised of more seasoned career adults. After Gloria and I were married we were still involved with Interface for a season, and eventually transitioned to the Alhambra Branch at Jack and Carolyn Sera’s house. I joined a men’s discipleship “Grow Group” at the invitation of my friend Stephen Chun and one of the pastors, Rob Okimura. It was so amazing to study and apply the Word with a band of brothers.  

A lot of years have passed and those groups are now finished. My wife and I just celebrated our 23rd anniversary.  We have three sons, Brandon (21), Mark (18), and James (14). Today, I meet with a new band of brothers at the North San Gabriel Branch at Fred Kawashima’s house. There is a great dynamic that occurs building trusting friendships with other men who watch each other’s backs.

I’m grateful for how Evergreen SGV has taken so much care in crafting groups to meet the needs for enfolding people into the church body, growing them for the Kingdom, and sending them out to carry out God’s purpose here on Earth.

Kay Carey