Are You In?


by Pastor Dan Christian

Take a moment and reflect on how connected you feel in Evergreen SGV. Could you honestly say that “you’re in” or do you feel more like you’re somewhere on the periphery? What do you think it would take to help you feel more connected in our church family? And what could you do to help others feel welcome and connected?

According to Ephesians 4:11-16, a key part of growing toward maturity in Christ is being “joined and held together” in the Body so that each part can carry out the function for which it was designed. Therefore we as a church family should desire and work toward that kind of connectedness with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Enfolding Ministries” are those ministries at Evergreen SGV which seek to bring about that connectedness in the church family: to enfold believers deeper into the community and ministry of the church so that they will grow toward maturity in Christ. So whether someone is a first-time guest to Evergreen SGV, or whether they’ve been attending for many years, the goal is the same—to move them from where they’re at to a deeper relationship with God and a greater connectedness in the church, NOT merely so that we can have a bigger church that accomplishes more ministry, but so that each individual will grow toward maturity in Christ.

In order for this maturity-enhancing connectedness to happen in our church—and in order for you yourself to feel more connected in our church family—there are several values that we all must embrace and embody. In the weeks to come, I will be sharing about those values, with the hope that God will further shape our hearts to be a hospitable, welcoming church where visitors and regular attenders can easily connect and grow toward maturity in Christ.

Evergreen SGV