Reading Through the Psalms in 2016

psalms 3.jpg

As we entered into the month of December, I caught myself thinking yet again, “Wow, I can’t believe this year is already over!” I believe I started to think this way sometime in my thirties. Well, to be more exact, it was when my wife and I started a family. When children come into your life then years fly by like a ball being smacked back and forth across a tennis court. 1995. Whap! ’96. Smack! ’97. Whap! ’98, ’99, 2000! Smack! Whap! Smack! And then bam! Here we are at the end of 2015! Sheesh, where did all the time go?

At the end of last year, some of you joined me and signed up to read through the four Gospels, three times each, throughout the 2015 year. Well, believe it or not, 2015 is about over! I hope you were able to stay on schedule throughout the year and focus on Jesus as revealed in the Gospels. If not, at least I hope you spent more time with Him and in His Word than you would have if you had not joined us.

So what’s planned for 2016? Drumroll please… ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-de-dum-dum-ta-ta-ta… For 2016, we will be focusing on the book of Psalms! Well, you already knew that since the title of this article is “Reading Through the Psalms in 2016”. ANYWAY… that’s right, this coming year we are going to read through all the Psalms and so if you would like to join us, then sign-up at the table outside.

 We will be using Timothy Keller’s devotional on the Psalms titled, The Songs of Jesus. His devotional takes a person through all the Psalms in 365 days and the devotional’s focus is more on the Psalm itself rather than his commentary on it. I appreciate that because I want us to be interacting with His Living Word more than reading about His Word.

If you would like me to order the devotional for you, then you must submit, in cash or check, $14 to the church office by December 20th. You can also purchase the devotional on your own at for $12.20 (Hardback) or $10.99 (Kindle).

Blessings to you this Christmas season and I pray you will seriously consider joining us in 2016 as we delve into the songs of Jesus!

Kenny Wada