RPM Training Reflection

prayer 16.jpg

by Alicia Liu

When Pastor Ron sent out the email on RPM (Releasing Prayer Ministry) training, I signed up right away. I really wanted to learn more about how to facilitate RPM because I was so blessed when I received RPM before and I wanted to be able to bless others through this ministry. I was excited to see what amazing things God would do and what he would reveal to me in the training session.

The training was very organized. We each received a folder that included all the material needed to conduct a RPM session. Pastor Ron and Carol went through the training material thoroughly. During the live demo, God showed up. The volunteer who received RPM was able to release something that had been buried and was brought to tears as the burden was lifted off. Then we broke off into small groups of 3 people and a coach to practice. Even with the limited time, we were able to squeeze in two practice sessions.

During our first session, I was able to attempt facilitating a session. Initially I was very nervous about following the training material perfectly but when I relinquished my attempt at perfection and allowed the Spirit to intervene, the atmosphere changed. I was so glad and relieved that the receiver was able to release the burdens and receive blessings from the Lord despite my inexperience. I learned so much from our coach and my group.

I volunteered as a receiver for the second session. I was able to connect with the Lord immediately because He prepared my heart the night before. It was easy to release to Him an issue that I was struggling with for the past two weeks. I didn’t realize how powerful it was to release this issue and confess my sins verbally to my sisters in Christ. The blessings I received from the Lord as well as through my sisters brought so much comfort to me and filled my heart with joy. 

I came with an expectation that God would do great things, but He did so much more. God is so good to have blessed my sisters and I during this training session. RPM is such an awesome ministry to allow people to alleviate their burdens to the Lord and to receive from the Lord.

Evergreen SGV