Leaving A Legacy – Part Three

The memory of the righteous is blessed.” Proverbs 10:7

As we look at legacy leaving, we have seen thus far that:

1.    Everyone leaves a legacy.

2.    Everyone has been left a legacy.

3.    A legacy can be either positive or negative.

4.    The legacy you received is not as important as the legacy you leave.

5.    The legacy you received can influence the legacy you leave.

Let’s continue.

6.    The legacy you leave may have more influence than the life you lead.

Everyone has spheres of concern and spheres of influence. We pray for our spheres of concern and try to do something tangible in our spheres of influence.

For example, I have a concern for feeding those who are hungry. The need is so massive that I can only do something within my spheres of influence. Therefore, I contribute and help with feeding children in Malawi, Africa and with our food distribution program at our church.

My hope is that whatever legacy I leave will have a greater influence on the world than the influence I have had in my lifetime.

I often think about a quote from educator Neil Postman. He wrote, “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” His quote is all about leaving a legacy through our children.

7.    The life you lead determines the legacy you leave.

How we lead our lives will greatly influence the legacy we leave. For example, the things like faith are caught, not taught.

Jesus’ greatest influence on His disciples happened as they lived life with Him. They caught the things He was teaching by watching Him and eventually living out their lives in accordance with His life and His teachings.

Part of Jesus’ legacy to this world was the disciples whom He influenced by the life He led.

We may do well to ask ourselves the question, “Who am I influencing in the world today?” A secondary question might be, “How am I influencing them?”

Something to think about and more to come…