Golfing in the RAIN

by Arnold Dichosa

Golf Ministry tournaments are planned months in advance so we’re always uncertain about the weather. The 2016 Arcadia golf tournament was forecast to rain around noon. It’s not fun playing when it’s cold and wet. We had to hope that everything would be fine despite the forecast weather. We decided to have every group start at the same time on different holes to try to beat the rain.

However, despite our efforts to end before the rain started, we were not able to avoid my biggest fear. THE RAIN. As the rain began to get heavier, I started to pray. God reminded me that He is sovereign and my focus should be on Jesus, not the issues or distractions around me. The weather didn’t get any better so I began to ask God what he wanted to show me. I was worried that the participants wouldn’t be able to play well or have fun due to the rain.

I was also reminded of how Peter stepped out of the boat in the stormy waters and focused his gaze on Jesus. He had peace and faith that God was in control. In the same way, I was able to experience God work in me during this tournament. God showed me to look beyond the weather and what I had thought would make a successful tournament. As I focused on Him, I didn’t see the heavy rain, muddy grass, or uncomfortable and cold surrounding. Instead, I saw His peace and joy in many of the faces of those who played.

After everyone had finished we gathered in the club house and I was surprised that everyone seemed happy, even sharing stories of their favorite shot or what could’ve been the winning putt. It was as if we played a round on a sunny day. I was amazed at how things turned out and how the weather did not affect the enjoyment of playing. It was a great time of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. In the end, I didn’t need to worry about what I could not control but to trust God in the midst of the RAIN.

Evergreen SGV