“How was the introductory organic mentoring workshop?”

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By Kay Carey

Here are some descriptive words used by the attendees:

Informative, inspirational, connection, encouraging, positive, lively, animating, inquisitive, outreach, involvement, blessed, enjoyable, encouraging, eye-opening, challenging, growth, well-organized, fast-paced…

It was a blessing to see a multigenerational group of 37 women and 19 men participating in the workshop.  The Lord met our expectations above and beyond.  Praise Him for his faithfulness!    

Personally, it was a test of faith and endurance waiting on the Lord for His guidance and wisdom during the promotional time because we just didn’t know how many would sign up for our first attempt at this type of workshop.  As I was preparing my heart and seeking the Lord for His guidance, God assured me over and over that He was going to lead me and others who were involved in the event each step along the way.  Praise the Lord for His wisdom and guidance!

I would like to share some of the comments from the feedback:

“It is a good alternative to a more formal, structured relationship in which you have to adhere to some plan or schedule.”

“I wanted to find out what Organic Mentoring was about. Yes, I got an idea of what Organic Mentoring was from the various testimonies”

“I desired to seek new connections.  I have connected with a woman (younger than me) and we have already met for lunch and already plan a second lunch.  We both desired spiritual growth as well as mentor/mentee fellowship.”

“. . . it was very valuable to have people in the church who already mentor to share their honest experiences…It is important for them to know that despite our own insecurities God can still use us to make an impact in someone else's life.”

“receiving an overview of what mentoring is and is not, community building by meeting other mentors and mentees, sharing my testimony to attendees, group discussions, praying for each other's success and personal growth, getting a reading list of helpful books.”

I am so grateful for those who helped out in different areas of the event so willingly.  I especially am thankful for Sandy Hirashima who has been my ministry partner since mid 2016.  Praise the Lord for His amazing provision!    

We continue to pray for those who have been walking on this journey of mentoring and also for those who are waiting prayerfully to move forward in their next step of their journey of TxT (Transforming by Twos).   We look forward to our next steps of this ministry…

If anyone would like to know more about our ministry, please visit our website
https://evergreensgv.squarespace.com/txt/  or contact me or Sandy @ Transformingbytwos@gmail.com 

Kay Carey