I am a son of “Issei” (first generation Japanese American) Parents. I grew up in a gardening family. My father, Akira Seto, taught me to work hard. My mother, Emiko Seto, taught me to be mentally tough. They are the greatest influences in my life. My brothers and I were raised in the San Gabriel Valley.

I became a follower of Jesus Christ at the University of Southern California in 1998. My life prior to being saved was a life that identified as being a football player. My life’s aim since I was a boy was to become a football player at the University of Southern California. The Lord is so gracious! He used the idol of football to find me. When I attended the University of Southern California, God showed me how fleeting an identity I had in football. God used teammates sharing the Gospel with me to save me.

Sharla, the love of my life, and I celebrated our 14-year anniversary last July. Sharla, the athlete of the family, played soccer for the University of Southern California. She also became a Christian at the University of Southern California. The Lord has blessed us with 4 children. We have 2 older daughters named Kaylani and Mia. We have 2 younger sons named Troy and Timothy. We joined the Evergreen SGV Family in 2000 along with our former church, Pacific Heritage Church led by Pastor Mike Olsen. We were called to Seattle in 2010 and joined Cornerstone Christian Fellowship led by Pastor Joe Yoshihara.

After serving as a football coach for the past 18 years, the Lord has called us into full-time pastoral ministry to serve at Evergreen SGV.