Victor Chen
Senior Associate Pastor of Outreach Ministries


Staff Position: Overseeing Outreach ministries (Local and Global Outreach) by developing leaders through the intern program, strategic planning with area mobilization team leaders, connecting with foreign ministry partners and preparing/sending/caring for workers to go out on the missions field.

Education and/or experience: Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cell Developmental Biology from UCLA and a Masters of Divinity from Talbot Seminary. Previously employed at International Medication Systems (IMS) as a Bacterial Endotoxin Analyst in the Microbiology lab (sounds more important than it is).

Family: Husband to Kelly and father of a daughter and two sons

Favorite Hymn: Be Thou My Vision

Favorite Worship Song: Open the Eyes of My Heart

Favorite authors: C.S. Lewis, Tim Keller and Marilynne Robinson

Favorite band: David Crowder Band (so sad they broke up)

Favorite singer: Tim Ouyang of Timbetold

Favorite songwriter: Brooke Fraser

Hobbies, interests, pastimes: Huge sports fan following UCLA athletics, the Lakers and Jeremy Lin! Enjoy playing basketball and golf. Huge David Crowder fan. Enjoy playing guitar, piano and writing songs. Huge wife, daughter and sons fan. Enjoy playing with children and living life together with my wife.

Favorite Sports to Play:

3. Tennis -Grew up playing tennis as my father played a lot. Like the mental aspect of the game but this game can be frustrating.

2. Golf -Picked up this sport when I needed a healthy outlet to prevent me from ministry burnout. Love being outdoors and chatting with people over a round. Most people find golf to be frustrating but I find it quite relaxing. 

1. Basketball -My "heart" sport. Loved watching it and playing in the backyard until it got dark. I can spend hours shooting around.

Favorite foods: I love sashimi and any noodle soups (Pho, Ramen, Niu Rou Mien, Jam Pon, Thai boat noodles, etc.)

Life verse: “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  John 3:30

Favorite people in the Bible: Joshua, Elisha and Timothy -Second string guys that God called to be first string guys and by God's power were able to fill the shoes of legends (Moses, Elijah and Paul). I guess I identify more with these guys than the legends.

More recently, I've appreciated the ministry of Barnabas and model much of my ministry after his.

Countries I visited: Canada, China, Greece, Haiti, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malawi, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey

Countries I hope to visit next: Some place in South America and more places in Europe

Latest blog: To the Ends of the Earth

Facebook: Victor Chen

Twitter: victorkchen